As a teacher in 4-6 grades I found that some students had great difficulty getting to school on time. Occasionally, I would have a quickie, unannounced art project by group the first thing in the morning. There werenít many late students in my class. We had a regular art class each week Ė Different every year, but some kind of projects that built in difficulty throughout the school year and that related to what we were studying.

I havenít taught adults, other than to offer advice as we paint together and others offer me advice as well. Mostly I donít put in enough shadows, but Iím working on that. My favorite advisor is my husband, who doesnít mind telling me when my mountain is too steep, or the sheep is too long.

My first mother-in-law gets the credit for getting me into art. When my husband was diagnosed with cancer and would not live long she found an art class to distract me. It worked. I could start painting at 6:00 PM and suddenly it was 2:00 AM. I was fascinated by the process of putting shapes on paper with pastels and blending them until I had color from the tips of my fingers to my elbows. A doctor gave me confidence by buying one of my paintings, framing it, and hanging it on the wall in his waiting room. Then I began painting in oils. When my husband died I couldnít seem to do it any more and then I became a teacher and there was no time.

I remarried and two Christmases before I retired nearly forty years later, my family bought me art supplies. An easel, paint, brushes. Everything I would need to paint in oils, but still there was no time to paint. When I retired I joined a painting group and gave me advise on what to do. I knew I needed more instruction if I was going to produce anything worthwhile. I found Daniel Edmondson online and found his DVDs. To my surprise he wanted to see each painting as I finished itĖ it comes with the purchase - and he made videos explaining what was good about each painting and how I could improve. Wow! I started with his still life DVDs, then his landscape DVDs, and then an online class for 56 weeks, in which people from all over the world send in the paintings they are doing and he critiques them, giving digital corrections as appropriate to help people see how to improve. I loved it all. Now Iím working on my own at least some each day, and Iím still meeting with my art group on Fridays.

My studio is very small Ė the space between my dining room and kitchen and includes the counter space coffee pot. My son-in-law calls it ďthe smallest studio in the world.Ē There is a skylight and a window nearby so thereís plenty of light.







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